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Marketing For Cleaning Companies

Whether you are a carpet cleaning in Liverpool or a multinational window cleaning company you still need marketing. If you are thinking of promoting yourself then you will need to know some of the basics such as

  1. what yopu should outsource
  2. what you should measure
  3. how you should measure it
  4. when you should quit

This will be a multi part post with the first section focusing first of all when you should outsource.

The simple answer here is you should be thinking in terms of scalability and most importantly your bottom line.

If your bottom line does not improve by outsourcing then you should consider other ways to get the job done. You should be using specialists, sure, but is it cheaper and more effective to have an in house team versus an outsourced fulfilment team.

The answer is it depends. Which is not exactly what you want to hear when reading an article like this. But you have to consider what you want the ultimate goal to be when it comes to getting the job done.

Right now, you need a company vision and how you are going to achieve that vision. What is your budget? Do you have the skills within your existing team to promote somebody to the role of the person that can fulfil or do you genuinely neeed to outsource to a person with the skills that do not exist within your own company limits.

Plenty of things to be considering here and I will be picking this post up again soon.

It’s all true

Ok guys, so you’re wondering when is Brian going to release his words of thunder on the unsuspecting world. This is going to be my first entry but it is just holding text so please bookmark my site and await with baited breath what I have to say next.